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Entries for June, 2009

Fundamental Analysis By Video

Today and tomorrow are two very straight forwards videos on Fundamental and Technical Analysis. But sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. And they should be easy to pay attention. Enjoy! Technorati Tags: fundamental analysis, stock trading

Tuesday Penny Stock Preview

It was Madoff mania today! More reason to invest for yourself rather than trusting your money to others. No one cares about your money more than yourself! Mercator Minerals moved higher today but closed even at the end of the day. It’s still channeling in around the $1.40-$1.45 range. If if falls out of the […]

Monday Money Preview

After a dip in the pool, some BBQ, and a quick trip to the beach, the weekend is over and we’re back at the investing game. For a couple of days at least. The author behind this blog is planning a little vacation from Wednesday through to Sunday so for the latter half of the […]

The Psychology of Loss

I’ve asked Bob Iaccino from to come back and give us a short article on “The Psychology of Loss” as a LOT of people have recently dealt with it. Bob’s written two previous articles which you can find through this link. Please enjoy the article and visit Bob’s site for more great info. […]

I’m Not Saying Sell, But…

Not too often are recommendations to sell on this blog.  Usually it’s a springboard for stock ideas for you to take as a stepping stone for your own due diligence. But today I’m officially taking one stock off the list to even consider buying. OPTI Canada (OPC.TO) was originally featured on the blog at $2.89 […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Preview

The TSX managed to pull ahead at the very end of the day. Mostly a sideways day though. It might be tough for the bulls to keep steaming along tomorrow. Should some good news surface it could push prices higher, if not, then expect further downward pressure. Speaking of downward pressure UW.V dropped a whopping […]

Videos On Moving Averages

I mentioned briefly the moving averages of the TSX recently but I’m not sure if everyone reading this blog will know what they are.  So here are two videos that are a good introduction to moving averages. Technorati Tags: Investing, moving averages, stock market, stock trading, Trading, trading moving averages

ABC’s of Stock Trading

It’s funny how many of these “lists” you come across, but the interesting thing is no matter how many lists you read through…you always pull something useful out of them! I believe this list is no different, but that’s just me! Amey from and creator of, has put together this list and would […]

Oops…Looks Like A Case Of The Mondays

Looks like today brought a lot of pain to a lot of people.  The World Bank announcing a downward forecast of the 2009 world economic growth numbers and a slower recovery to 2010.  This drove the TSX down a whopping 453 points.  Many people believe that this could be a fundamental shift back downwards as […]

Focus On Underworld Resources (UW.V)

Underwold Resources is a stock that I’ve mentioned here several times before.  From it’s initially featured price of $1.41 it’s increased 71% to $2.40.  Kinross recently acquired even more shares of the company and there are a lot of drilling results being release very soon.  This should make for the run up in this stock […]