Down day on the markets today.  Scary economic things happening with the largest ever deficit for Canada and the nearly official bankruptcy call for GM weighing on the markets.  So how did things look for us?

Yesterday’s Picks Performance:

  • GLE.A.V – Open $0.015 – Close $0.035 (+133%)
  • ELR.V – Open $0.445 – Close $0.460 (+3.37%)

Today Best Performers: (with volume > 500k and share price < $2)

  • TSX: ANP.T – Open $1.23 – Close – $1.89 (+43.18)
  • TSXV: GLE.A.V – Open $0.015 – Close $0.035 (+133%)

What I’ll be watching tomorrow:

  • GLE.A.V – $0.035 – It was today’s biggest winner on the venture exchange and still had strong bids into the close. It’ll stay around for another day.
  • UW.V – $1.41 – Large move up today, but might have more room.  This one might require some additional research before I jump in.

Today is a perfect example of why penny stocks can bring great profits even bull and bear markets.  There are some important factors to consider though because with great reward comes great risk.  Stay tuned for some portfolio and risk management discussions.