Lots of stocks with lots of volume today.  My two picks from yesterday held their own, which I’m pleased to see.  Not the biggest movers on the day by any means.  The biggest mover under $2 seemed to be Caspian Energy on the TSX moving up 100%!  Biggest mover on the venture exchange Glen Hawk Minerals up 150%!

We can never get them all right, but when one investment can return 100% in one day then it can very easily make up for the losses of others and you can come out ahead.  That’s why we’re in the penny stock space.  To capitalize on large swings that are possible.

Today’s Numbers

Yesterday’s Picks performance:

  • NGG.V – Open $0.19 – Close $0.195 (+2.63%)
  • HGC.V – Open $0.34 – Close $0.365 (+4.29%)

Today Best Performers: (with volume > 500k and share price < $2)

  • TSX: CEK.T – Open $0.07 – Close $0.13 (+100%)
  • TSXV: GHM.V – Open $0.01 – Close $0.025 (+150%)

What I’ll be watching tomorrow:

  • GLE.A.V – Dropped today by 25%.  Announced changes to board of directors.  I don’t know how the market will respond to this, but it’s worth watching.  There has been some recent insider buying.
  • ELR.T – Has had some serious volume last week and continuing into this week.  Price has come down, but the % decrease in price doesn’t seem to match up with the volumes.  Once the sellers have had their fill this one could be one to go up up up.

A new structure.  I’m ideally going to be posting everyday with random commentary, amusing anecdotes, or the occasional piece of educative nature.  Further to this I’m going to be posting the Today’s Info section you see above every day.  Hope you like it.

Feel free to comment and/or make suggestions.

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