So many stocks out there.  You have a method of examining charts, or evaluating companies based on the balance sheet.  But where do you start looking for companies?   One way I’ve found that is a useful starting point is through stock filters.

There are filters available from many online sources.  I’ve used the globeInvestor and haven’t had any problems with it as the initial filter for penny stocks is simple.

One of the biggest concerns with penny stocks can be liquidity.  Are you able to actually buy the stock you want when you want it?  If there isn’t enough liquidity (ie: supply) then it might be tough for you to buy a stock at the price you want.

Here is the world’s simplest stock filter:

Price: 0.01 – 5.00
Intraday Volume: 500,000

That’s about it.  Of course, you can stay tuned to this blog as well for stock news about particular companies, but remember to always do your due diligence.

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