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Entries for May, 2009

Canadian Penny Stocks Ahead

After week one in the Canadian Penny Stocks blog things are good with no losers and only one stock that didn’t move upward.  During the downtime I’ve put up a few articles.  If you like them, leave a comment. Let’s see what another week will bring. Last Week’s Canadian Penny Stocks: UW – 1.41 – […]

A Dragon’s Take: Now More Than Ever

Many Canadians familiar with the CBC-TV program Dragon’s Den know who Arlene Dickinson is.  Here’s a video interview with Arlene Dickinson’s view of entrepreneurship in our current economy.  If you’re wondering how this applies to Canadian Penny Stock trading, just replace the entrepreneur with investor.  Here’s a few quotes: “I believe that there’s going to […]

If You’re Chasing A Bull, You Might Get Trampled

Source (Guijarro85) Another invaluable lesson to be learned at the beginning is to never chase a stock that is running up quickly.  Again this rule applies even more so to penny stocks than other securities. Canadian Penny Stocks can be particularly volatile creatures that are often tied to commodities prices as well as company specific […]

Rule #1 in Penny Stock Investing

Penny stocks are a great vehicle for making out-sized returns on your investments.  But there are a lot of scammers in the marketplace trying to take your money.  You should never give in to them.  The most important way that you can do this is by placing limit orders, not market, when purchasing your stock. […]

The Early Edition!

Not going to be around for a market summary so I can’t give you the final numbers just yet.  But I will tell that for tomorrow I’m going to take a look at: SSL.V – 0.40 – Has pulled back recently.  Could go back up 15 cents. UNE.V – 0.105 – Might be a bit […]

Up 133% While TSX Down 1.4%

Down day on the markets today.  Scary economic things happening with the largest ever deficit for Canada and the nearly official bankruptcy call for GM weighing on the markets.  So how did things look for us? Yesterday’s Picks Performance: GLE.A.V – Open $0.015 – Close $0.035 (+133%) ELR.V – Open $0.445 – Close $0.460 (+3.37%) […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Review

Lots of stocks with lots of volume today.  My two picks from yesterday held their own, which I’m pleased to see.  Not the biggest movers on the day by any means.  The biggest mover under $2 seemed to be Caspian Energy on the TSX moving up 100%!  Biggest mover on the venture exchange Glen Hawk […]

Canadian Penny Stocks to consider

Here are a few stocks that you may want to research. HGC.V – Hawthorne Gold Corp. It’s has had a run up recently but still a bull’s stock with large volumes. NGG.V – New Guinea Gold Corp. Released excellent drill results today but the stock remained flat on the day with over 800k in trading […]

Trading A Penny Stock Cycle

There is a lot to learn when dealing with investing in penny stocks.  There is the overall stockanalysis that comes with the purchase of any stock, but penny stocks sometimes have limited information to base your decision on.  You need to discover patterns so that you can know when to sell and keep your profits […]

Invest in Penny Stocks in Your 20s

I came across a video on YouTube with Tim Sykes who talks about investing in penny stocks in your 20s.  It’s a perfect time to put that extra money to work for you and reap the profits. Watch the video: An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created […]